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At Apotheosis, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a superior, personalized experience. We are filled with joy every time someone walks into our space excited about their healing journey, and walks out with new light. It means we’ve done our job right.

Jenny has been practicing as a Reiki Master and Life Coach since 2017. She is a certified hypnotherapy practitioner as well as a certified NLP practitioner.  Seeing the value of using these wonderful techniques in tandem, she combines them in her sessions of Personal Growth Coaching. Through these unique modalities, she enjoys sharing in the confidence-building process of overcoming unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns. The care she takes with each of her clients is part of the process, to help them know they are not alone in their journey toward fulfillment, and that they are powerful!


“I am passionate about helping others see and embrace their authentic self!

        My own experiences had me believing things about myself and the world around me that were not entirely true. I was privileged to see the benefits that a shift in perspective or a guided understanding can aid in making radical changes for the betterment of all aspects of my life. With that in mind, I have chosen to dedicate my time and energy to helping others see and fulfill their potential.

        What success means is different for everyone. It is a very personal experience, which is why I enjoy working one on one with my clients to find the root of their beliefs about themselves, what will propel them forward and what they feel may be hindering them in creating the life they truly want. I look forward to growing with you!!”



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