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Our Services

Experience Holistic Healing and Transformation at Its Best. Unleash Your Healing Potential with Reiki, a profound energy realignment that nurtures your body's natural capacity for self-renewal. Elevate your life with our comprehensive life coaching sessions; tailored to empower you with accountability, emotional integration, and trauma release for lasting transformation. Embrace positive change and unlock your full potential on your journey to inner harmony and well-being. Discover profound healing for mind, body, and soul with our comprehensive and nurturing approach.

Personal Growth Coaching

During your Personal Growth Coaching sessions, we will explore the areas of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that you decide need a shift. Using active listening, constructive feedback and other forms of guided self-analysis, you will discover your core beliefs, how they were developed, and which ones are serving your interests.We will address unhelpful cognitive patterns with neuro-linguistic programming: a gentle adjustment to the perspective of past, present and future situations. Non-invasive hypnotherapy can help you to rise above obstacles in your life and take control of the person you will become. To help establish a sense of relaxation and comfort we will use Reiki treatments. These will aid you in the needed balance between body and mind, allowing you to be more in tune with yourself and the information you receive on a daily basis. Once we've established your objectives we can move forward in finding the best ways to reach your desired goals. Your Personal Growth Coaching session will allow you to heal, grow and shift to benefit you in ways you may not have approached before. Give yourself the gift of Personal Growth by booking today!

Reiki Treatment

        Reiki is the universal energy that connects us with everything around us.    All living things are infused with energy. This energy has been called by many different names through out the ages.    

       At the very least, from the moment of our birth this energy permeates our bodies. It connects and binds us with the world we live in. This energy is a gift. By opening your mind to it you will be more able to recognize this energy working in your life. See the way it moves your body, intention and thinking to increase awareness, determination, drive and a feeling of overall wellness.    

        We instinctively use this energy. A mothers touch soothing the ache of her child. A healing practitioners caring hand allowing a patient to feel at ease. These are examples of healing energy actually being transmitted from one energetic body to another.    When an area is injured, we instinctively hold and protect it. By doing so we are also drawing in energy to those parts of ourselves. 

       You already have access to this amazing gift and use it. You simply may not have realized it. Our bodies are energetic in nature. Different areas, (organs, bones, blood), resonate at different frequencies. My goal as a practitioner, having been trained in recognizing that resonance, is to align your frequencies so that your body, mind and individual energy resonate in harmony. Thus creating a beautiful symphony of peace, contentment, relaxation and wellness.   

       Through entrainment, ( the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm), the Reiki practitioner places their hands on or slightly above the body of the client. Through their hands the practitioner conducts Reiki energy where it is received by the client.    The energy will go where it is needed and in the order that your body-mind and energetic self determines. To fully understand this incredible tool for self improvement you must experience it.    

     Schedule your session now to start feeling and seeing the positive transformation achievable through Reiki! With a personalized Reiki session, you will find yourself feeling more relaxed and in tune with your body. It will allow you to heal, grow and shift to benefit you in numerous aspects of your life. Book Now to start moving your energy in the direction you desire!  

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